Ep 3: Battle Fatigue w/Dr. Tracie Rogers

Dawn talks with long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Tracie Rogers about the impact of Racial and Gender Battle Fatigue on Black women's mental health. The conversation quickly evolves, into a raw and personal exploration into the intersectionality of race and gender. Self-care tips for Black women to help preserve your sanity in the midst of all the foolishness we encounter are provided along with feedback for White women on how to be a better ally.  

Note From the Stiletto Revolution #3- Dig Deep. Reach In, but also Reach Out to Your Community.

Bio: Dr. Tracie Rogers

Tracie Rogers, PhD., MA, BSc, is a Qualitative Researcher, Assistant Professor in Social Work at the University of the Southern Caribbean as well as Owner and Managing Director of Wholeness and Wellness Counseling Services and The Practice Space.

Tracie received her training at the University of the West-Indies, St. Augustine and New York University. Her research interests include the psychosocial implications of HIV for marginalized populations, gender-based violence and the psychosocial development of adolescent girls with marginalized identities. More specifically, she has a keen interest in the use of qualitative research methodologies for social justice, activism, policy development and empowering marginalized populations. She works with collaborative and arts-based methodologies as well as youth-led participatory action research and autoethnography.

In 2016 Tracie opened a group therapy practice—Wholeness and Wellness Counseling Services—which offers individual, couples and group counseling services. Since that time she has produced a video series and podcast called On the Couch to raise awareness and share information about mental health with the general public. Her most recent business endeavor has been launching, The Practice Space—a company that offers clinical supervision, case consultation and office space for mental health professionals.