Dawn Brown

Ep. 5: Achieving Financial Freedom w/Tammy Washington

Dawn Brown
Ep. 5: Achieving Financial Freedom w/Tammy Washington

Author and coach, Tammy Washington joins Dawn to discuss wealth inequity in America and how Black women can change the narrative in order to achieve financial freedom. Practical tips for investing, getting out from under debt, and creating generational wealth are provided. Additionally, Tammy answers questions submitted by our listeners. This episode is chock full of knowledge for women at various financial levels.

Note From the Stiletto Revolution #5: Create a plan and stick to it.

*This episode is dedicated to Oscar Phillips Jr. (November 29, 1946 - May, 11, 2019)

 Bio: Tammy Washington

Tammy Washington is a highly sought after speaker, author and coach.  With her Money and Mindset tools, she strives to help individuals reach their highest levels of success. Tammy has spoken for Fortune 500 companies like State Farm, Nintendo, At&t and more.  She is the author of "Nailed It, Be It, Do It, Achieve It",  "Daily Dollars", and the upcoming book "Success Secrets of Black Billionaires." 

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