Dawn Brown

Ep. 6: Gun Violence in America w/Brenda Moss

Dawn Brown
Ep. 6: Gun Violence in America w/Brenda Moss

This week, Dawn talks with Moms Demand Action activist and volunteer, Brenda Moss of Lynchburg, VA. We hear Brenda's incredible survivor story as a mother who lost her son to gun violence, leaving behind a 13-year old son (Shawn Moss, pictured left) who lost his hero. Wanna understand how gun violence impacts Black children and women? Well, Brenda breaks it down in an eloquent and powerful way that will motivate every listener to step up and demand change. We also discuss why prayer alone, is not always enough. This ain’t an easy episode. Be ready for an emotional journey. Listen and let us know what you think on IG and FB.

Note From the Stiletto Revolution #6: Prayers are empty without action.

Brenda Moss Bio

Mother, Evangelist, Life Coach, Writer, the voice and the face of EncouragerHer, Blogger.

My journey to get here has truly been one of building an unshakable faith. Believing when there seemed nothing to believe in. Going when there seemed to be no reason to keep going. Encouraging others when I myself needed to be encouraged the most. I found myself to be be Necessary: I can not be frustrated regardless of any attempt or desire to the contrary. I am here to fulfill a need. I am a must have. I am an absolute. I’m Very Necessary!

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